Nations in Chaos

Saturday 25th September 2021


Up-and-down the UK airports are in chaos on Friday 23rd Sept, as e-gates go down. Passengers stranded in planes as the technical issue left all e-gates across the United Kingdom offline. Due to safety issues planes cannot depart because there are too many passengers in the terminal!

The reason – a mystery. No-one can determine what caused this ‘failure’, but airports including Heathrow, Manchester and Edinburgh were affected. As if people haven’t had enough to contend with during 2020/21 with lockdowns, business and job losses and to top it all a threatening supply shortage of essentials like food, construction etc. the only things that there doesn’t seem to be a shortage of are facemasks and the Covid vaccines.

Today’s congestion had a knock-on effect at rail ports as well. Frustration is pouring over now as passengers are understandably feeling the frustration of a different type of lockdown. Restless toddlers and business persons missing important meetings. Many asserted that there was no ventilation at T5 Heathrow transit tunnel – unacceptable, right? Well, apparently not. It seems that more and more demands are being made upon the British public under duress. There doesn’t seem to be an adequate plan to deal with this and thousands of people have to just accept substandard standards.

Everything right now seems to be breaking down…


2020 and the world descends into lockdown. Nation-after-nation. Never-before-seen or experienced by recent generations, the word ‘lockdown’ takes on a whole new meaning and agenda. Suggestions by leaders of mask-wearing, cleaning hands, wearing gloves starts to become common-place. Follow the science. The vaccine race is on…in record time a new vaccine appears, within a couple of months another, then another. Safe? The good outweighs any risks we are told, so queues appear again. People diligently getting their vaccines. ‘The country will be open for business again by April,’ PM Johnson tells the UK nation, you can book your holidays for the summer! Lists of banned countries appear, people are stranded abroad as their country is added to the endless list of banned countries. Travel chaos descends into an extended lockdown again.

Australia begins to open up for business again and just as she does the Delta version of the virus appears. Lockdown is administered again by Australia (their seventh). Compulsory vaccinations are declared but construction workers object to this – it appears the government wants to control one’s personal freedom of choice and managing your health. Construction workers in Melbourne decide to oppose this decision. However, there are more than construction workers objecting.

The Freedom Rally grows and freeways are shutdown.

Frustration gives way to anger and the crowds and the police decide to use pepper balls, smoke bombs and stinger grenades (rubber pellets). So what is the conclusion? You are not ‘allowed’ to protest now? Protesting is one of the free-world’s most basic rights. Freedom of speech, freedom of expression. But there is very little freedom. If there are any problems at a rally, it is classed now as ‘having been infiltrated or taken-over by far-right groups, neo-Nazis and/or anti-vaccination groups.

But here is the thing anti-vaccine protests have been going on all over the planet. The news reporting of this seems to be squashed.


In 1970 Henry Kissinger stated this:

“Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.”

This strategy would appear to be in play today. It has just been announced in the UK overnight that you can only put 30 GBP into of gas into your car. We have all been warned that there will be ‘shortages’ of ‘certain items’ at Costco in the US this morning. Kamala Harris VP of USA warned in her trip last month to Asia that there would be shortages at Christmas so order soon! What on earth is wrong with these people. There appears to be a global conspiracy – but it is seems to me it’s the Governments that are manufacturing those conspiracies…

To be continued.

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