Slaughter of the Innocents

In the wake of the horrific shootings in Nashville TN, I poured over the horrendous quotations from so-called leaders in our society from government level down, hoping in vain that compassion and strong leadership would guide us through a web of iniquity that is overwhelming our society. But…no…unfortunately the few voices that stood for common decency and common sense were drowned out in a sea of liberal disdain.

Something evil has been let loose! The once held dear ethics and boundaries that helped steer man on a narrower path, has now widened and exploded into a scenario worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.Where sanctity of life is laughed at and the innocent have become the bait in the arena once more…

It is no longer a matter of choosing the blue pill or the red one anymore – the problem is there are too many pills to choose from and too many rabbits holes. All of this is having a devastating effect on our children’s minds and hearts.

Doctors are offering bodily transformations, surgery and heavy medications for young growing children without consent from parents. What used to be known as role play in children has now been taken to a different level, an irreversible one.

So, where is the church? Where is its voice? Buried under a standard of ‘lest we offend’?

When Jesus was in the world – he offended a lot of people by speaking out against all that is evil.

Is is not time to speak out?


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