3-in-1 GPN

3-in-1 Walking in the Light Ministries (Int) was founded in 2010 in the UK by David and Alison Chenoweth. The 3-in-1 Global Prayer Network (GPN), was established the same year and has grown steadily to become the central focus and core or our ministry. The 3-in-1 GPN now encompasses thousands of Intercessors and Prayer Warriors (collectively), who attend their own churches, ministries, groups etc., headed up by 3-in-1 GPN Network Coordinators in USA, UK, Ireland, Pakistan, Malawi, Nigeria, Cameroon, India, Kenya and Sudan. These Coordinators comprise Pastors, Ministers, Prayer Cell/Group Leaders and individuals etc.

Our purpose is to exalt Jesus’ name throughout the nations and to enable, globally, ministries as well as individuals to experience the power of prayer in petitioning our only mediator between man and God – Jesus, The Christ. Therefore, as we are a serving ministry, we do not accept any monetary donations…all we ask is that you join us in agreement, lift up each others needs and support the Body of Christ through prayer for Individuals, Churches, Ministries and Organizations.

3-in-1 Global Prayer Network Coordinators

  • USA – Jesus in the House Ministries
  • N.Ireland – Carmen Walker
  • Pakistan – Pst Shoukat Siddique & Living Branch Church
  • India – Paul Chinnasamy
  • Kenya – Pst Joshua Wekesa
  • Malawi – Pst Paul Manyamba
  • Nigeria – Apostle Nkereuwem Akpan
  • Towerview Free Methodist Church, NI
  • Cornerstone Family Church, East Midlands, UK
  • Family Life Church OR, USA
  • Voices of Christ Ministries – Theresa Harvard Johnson (Founder/Leader)
  • Howard Morgan Ministries USA
  • Ratanak UK
  • Metro World Child – Janine Stellatos Kenya Director