ABORTION: The Violation of Healthcare and Man’s Gestational Law

The Latest Decision by The Supreme Court Abortion: A Violation of Healthcare As the US Supreme Court upheld the State of Texas’ decision banning abortions after 6 weeks, the fall-out has been emotional to say the least. Described by one media outlet as, “The Supreme Court’s conservative majority tossed a legal bomb into the abortionContinue reading “ABORTION: The Violation of Healthcare and Man’s Gestational Law”

Women’s Rights or Infanticide?

Optional ‘Death Penalty’ Bill for the Newborn (first published Jan 31st 2019) -The ‘death penalty’ has officially been introduced in New York – for the newborn. The new ‘third-trimester’ bill will allow a mother who is in the act of giving birth to decide at the last minute to abort her baby. Fox News reportedContinue reading “Women’s Rights or Infanticide?”

Abortion – Babies’ Body Parts Being Bought by FDA

Babies Body Parts Being Bought by FDA – The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is reportedly ‘doing business’ with a well-known company referred for criminal charges. Apparently, the FDA is now ordering aborted babies’ body parts for experimentation. The evidence is damning and yet opposing voices are being silenced by lack of reporting in theContinue reading “Abortion – Babies’ Body Parts Being Bought by FDA”