“A thoroughly enjoyable historical romance.” – Brampton Hall 4-stars

If you want Elizabeth and Mr Darcy you have come to the right place. A great read!”Denise Watson, TV & Radio

” I’ve known Karin for over 40 years. She always worked with professionalism and enthusiasm. The events that she organized at Stormont (Poetry Awards) where always ‘must attend’ events and encouraged the community and schools all over Northern Ireland. I would highly recommend her work.”Jim Shannon, MP British Parliament

“Have you ever had that question? You know the one. It’s repeated over and over and sometimes you just don’t know how to answer. Why? Why? Why? and then there’s, But how? This is a smart little number of a book! This is so well detailed and broken down into questions and answers that read very well, but clearly researched and sound in its teaching and the word of God.
I read this and thought ‘that’s how it should be taught, why didn’t I explain it like this?!!!!’ This is a book that is very much straight to the point and [thankfully] doesn’t deal with every argument or case under the sun but deals with the word of God and the author also puts in personal antidotes that I found very helpful to understand the chapter.
I am not very educated on Hebrew or Greek meanings but this author clearly has an understanding and I am grateful for her explanations to enlighten what I am reading. I would happily recommend this to young Christians or those beginning their walk to help them if needed.”
K. Cunningham UK -The Genesis Diary

“She grew up with her neighbor as a best friend and wonders if they might later be together. He is sent to school (paid for by her father). Her father receives word that he is needed to see a solicitor concerning his father’s will. So the entire family go to London. Her father finds out that his father left him zero, but his grandparents left him much. She gets to know man who is about 15 yrs older & grows attached to him – but then she begins to doubt him. Things really begin happening after her family moves to their new home.
Worth reading.”
bets29 – 5 Star Review Brampton Hall – Amazon Top Contributor: Historical Fiction Books

“It was great, need part 2” – Samora King 4 Star Review

“For centuries, little boys and little girls have dreamed of being a prince or a princess. They have read the books, don the attire, and claimed the make-believe crowns. Today, AK Chenoweth offers them a new and more powerful dream in her adolescent novel, “Gaby’s Great Commission: Adventures in Angeling.”
As the story commences, Gaby, the main character, has just been promoted from Guardian Angel to Archangel Status. Quickly, we see that the joy of her promotion brings out her playful and youthful spirit. Nerves make her nose twitch, and her wings beat uncontrollably in her cautious excitement. This precocious young angel cannot contain herself when she is fitted for new and huge wings for the first time. With her pride in tow, (not becoming of an angel) she throws caution to the wind, summons her friends to fly over the heavens even before she knows how to handle herself gracefully. She is a bit mischievous when she soars higher and higher until she finds enough control to stop and rest on a nearby cloud.
Her journey is fascinating as she meets with authority as well as danger. The reader holds a breath when she is dumped from an upside down rainbow drenched in trouble for her, when she dreams of darkness, and when she meets authority figures that she holds in high esteem.
AK also does a masterful job of describing the places where Gaby visits. She paints with exact diction the “crystal blue river,” her spot “beset full of diamonds sparkling around its edging,” and “cascading waterfalls,” where rainbows rock to and fro. The scenes are vivid and the writer places her readers in the midst of each heavenly view.
The novel certainly has great lessons that we all need to learn early in life: how important it is to wait for instructions, follow instructions, be prepared to meet the challenges that God has planned for each of us, and, by all means, equip ourselves with the Armor of God. The writer reminds us in her five – star novel that all angels have “excellent learning skills.” Within the story we see how important it is to be prepared for our own “Great Commission” because our success will inevitably raise many others to higher heights. Karin McBride-Chenoweth, this is an extraordinary story in helping to prepare our youth for their Great Commission and to hold fervently goals of higher and more realistic dreams.”
5 Star Amazon Review Beyond the Moon, Sky & Stars Doris H. Dancy – Top Selling Award Winning Christian Author

“A great read from start to finish, I was transported back in time to old England, I felt I knew all the characters. I’m hoping there will be a sequel???”Hilary Hanlon, Amazon 5 star review Brampton Hall

“Karin McBride-Chenoweth’s writing has the knack of keeping hanging on, continually wanting to know what happens next. Love’s Benign Surrender is typical of her writing: elegant, picturesque and enticing. This period love story is packed with anticipation. The reader quickly finds herself (or himself) settling in to the life of the main character, who epitomizes the pressures young women faced during this era. Maria’s Christian faith is clearly portrayed as the reader discovers the way she rests on the hope and security of God’s purpose for her life. Slow to begin with, but this book will keep you turning pages to discover what happens next, that’s why I give it a 5. I recommend Brampton Hall by Karin McBride-Chenoweth.”Dudley Anderson Media TV Presenter/Radio Host/Producer

“I super love this book of poems! Melania paints beautiful pictures with her words – the poems just come to life off the page and I can see and smell and hear and feel and understand the words coming off the page. I love the little words of wisdom and scripture in between each poem. This is a creative book that celebrates God, very inspiring, uplifting and thought provoking. Great soul food. :-)))” MicT 5 Star Amazon Review of Mel’s Book of Christian Poems

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